Chapter 175

Tampa, FL

Chapter Meeting Events

- 25 Feb 17 Barry Ford Aircraft Cleaning and Flying the Scottish Bulldog aircraft

- 25 Mar 17 - Sun-n-Fun kitchen at chapter house at 0800; we'll leave from there for the kitchen...plan to help until 1300 if possible...thanks for your support!

- 22 Apr 17 - Steve Ritzi on the Reno Air Races

-26 Aug 17 - Aviation Scavenger Hunt and Family Cookout.  Join us on Saturday, August 16, 2017 for an airborne scavenger hunt.  Pilots and their spotters will be given a list of items with hints to locate and photograph from the air. A preflight briefing will be given at 9 AM with departures thereafter staged by slowest aircraft first.  Take photographs with your digital camera of located items and return to KVDF after finding as many items as possible.  Remember: SAFETY FIRST.  Lunch will be served for pilots, families and guest following a review of your photos.     




More events will be posted soon!



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