Chapter 175

Tampa, FL

Young Eagles

About Young Eagles: The Young Eagles was launched nationally in 1992 to give interested young people, 8-17, the opportunity to go flying in a general aviation aircraft.  These flights are provided free of charge and made free of charge by experienced volunteer pilots at EAA 175.  See full details of Young Eagles at

EAA provides flights several times each year at different locations.  See our Events calendar for our next Young Eagles event.  For more specific information, please contact Dave Presnell Director of Young Eagles

The photos below are from a Young Eagle event at Tampa Executive Airport on March 21, 2015.  Students from a home school organization call "CATCH" participated.   John Colman and Tom McLinsky volunteered to fly, and gave a total of 33 kids their first airplane ride.  That brings our Chapter total to 5293 kids flown since the program began in 1992.  Thanks to all who participated including our volunteers: Leon and Ginger Adelstone, Denny D'Angelo, Art North, Jeff Kaloostian, and Bud YerlyVolo Aviation provided space in their conference room for registration and Jeff's brief talk about aviation.  Global Pilot Academy provided chairs and a static display aircraft for use as pre-flight example for Jeff's talk.

Photos: Tampa Executive Airport Flights on 3/21/2015


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